Cooling System Support – ARC Swirl Pot & Koyo Radiator

This actual kit was recently sourced for a returning customer and not for sale.  Either way its worth having a looking at, especially if you are into circuit racing where your up against high engine coolant temps.

Its a mixed up kit as a whole.  ARC swirl pot & header fill tank, Billion hoses, Koyo aluminum radiator and Nissan genuine fan  and shroud  fitting BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

The ARC kit was essentially designed to relieve a cooling system of air pressure build up when under stressful conditions, ie; circuit racing. By allowing coolant to run from the upper hose, into the swirl pot, a vortex like path is created diminishing any chance of air build up before entering back into the engine.  For air that is caught in the swirl  pot, its correctly vented  into the header tank and then vented to the factory overflow canister. More lines involved as you can tell but this is the basics behind how the kit works.

Although not shown here, Billion is another maker of the header fill tank & in some applications its the only part needed to improve the factory cooling system.

If your interested in something like this kit or are just after some good upgrades for your cooling system then drop us a quick email.

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